Monday, June 11, 2012

Whoopsie!  Almost forgot today's pic.  I post 'em on Facebook and then forget to keep up with The Challenge here.

11.  DOOR

Props if you can see where this is heading...

This is Ray Manzarek.
Ray was an original member of The Doors.
Therefore, in effect, he is...

Yup.  I seriously just cheated that much.  Not only is this a person, and not a door in the traditional sense, but I didn't even TAKE this picture, if you can believe it.  Who the hell do I think I am?!  On a serious note though, dig Ray's chops here.  How man-tastic do you have to be to sprout such a beastly shrub of face pubes, and at the same time such a gloriously smooth and shiny man-shag?  This dude had it goin' on.  And those lenses!  Are those octogons?!  Dear sweet mother of God, teach me, Ray.  Teach me to be like you!

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