Thursday, June 7, 2012

i'm in a muumuu or something, apparently

Sorry I missed posting yesterday kiddos.  Had a busy day away from home, and then was happy to relinquish my usual 10 pm blogging time slot to a surprise phone call from my fabulous, glamorous, dream-chasing cousin in NYC.  Yes, he called me at midnight Eastern Standard Time.  From work.  At his media/publishing house.  He's pretty much the shit.  (I realize "fabulous" and "glamorous" kind of make it sound like he's gay, which would be super fun - HELLO, Manhattan shopping sprees! - but I feel I owe it to him to clarify that while he IS both fab and glam, he is also decidedly heterosexual.)  ANYWAY, after catching up on new stuff, reminiscing about old stuff, and generally getting current on each other's vastly different lives, I knew my evening needed to end right after I hung up the phone.  If I had tried to write it just would have been gibberish - such is the mush my brain becomes when I am immersed in his high-speed life for a few minutes, even just over the phone.  My mind is blown apart by how insane and surreal his daily grind is, how psyched I am that he's living the dream, and how utterly relieved I am it's not me!  It all sounds fucking fantastic, don't get me wrong - wining and dining NY royalty, working with up-and-coming literary giants, only sleeping on Sundays - I just don't have the stamina for all that awesomeness!  I mean, I also have two kids, so I'm in a super different mindset altogether, but still.  Hearing about HIM doing all of it, though, is always a joy and a novelty.  I'm like the neighborhood cat lady, posted at my window in a muumuu, watching people come and go but content with life in my own little house.  Metaphorically, of course.  Or at least that's how I feel when I talk to my cousin: in awe of his badassness, but really happy in my quiet little world too, light years away from his.  Which I meant to make sound like a good thing... not a sad cat lady thing... I'm allergic to cats, actually...

See?  Still rambling. 

Anyway, I did not forget daily photo #6.  I posted it on Facebook yesterday with this caption:

6. HAT

  This is Buck and Forrest.
They live in my family room.
They are not technically hats, but they did used to be worn on someone's head,
until that someone was shot, skinned, eaten, and their hat was taxidermied.

I will not forget to post today's pic, either - as soon as I take it :)  Until then, my little house cats...

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