Thursday, June 28, 2012

geek like me

I really miss my mom.  I miss her for all the normal reasons - she's awesome, she's my best friend, she's biologically linked to me, etc. - but honestly, the thing I most fiercely miss, probably my favorite thing about my mom, is her sense of humor.  She's a real sicko (just like me!).  She's also one of the smartest people I know, so it's some serious top-shelf sickness.  We laugh about the some pretty strange things.  Mom is my brand of funny: snarky, cerebral, kind of raunchy, and most of all really, really dorky.  My mother is an English teacher who goes through about ten crossword puzzles a day.  I credit her for kindling and encouraging the geek in me while I was growing up.  Now we share an obsessive love of reading and a nerdy, somewhat isolating fixation on grammar and punctuation.  She is the only person on earth who understands my frustrations (okay, freak-outs) over incorrect verbiage out in the world.  Mom is the only contact in my phone to whom I can text

There's a sign on the side of Taco Bell that says,

and have her totally get what I'm talking about, empathize with my frustration, and respond back "Aye Carumba!"

Now, for the 99% of you who are normal, there is nothing wrong with the sign at Taco Bell.  But for geeks like my mom and me, that sign is a migraine waiting to happen (on top of the diarrhea induced by eating at Taco Bell).  First off, the apostrophe in "til" is meant to replace the letters U and N, and therefore belongs at the BEGINNING of the word.  Duh.  And secondly, as if the first offense wasn't bad enough, the word "everyday" when used as a compound as it is here, is actually an adjective, and should only be used to describe other things, like "just an everyday bowel movement."  Ergo, in order for it to be used correctly in this instance, "every" and "day" need to be TWO, SEPERATE, WORDS.  Taco Bell, you fucking idiots.  I understand it's a Mexican restaurant.  But I would bet a million pesos that English is the first language of whoever is running the company and/or owns this location.  And, if that is in fact the case, there is NO excuse for this butchering of our mother tongue.  Get your poop in a group, Taco Bell.  Or are you just trying to distract us from the fact that your entire menu consists of fifty combinations of the same four ingredients? 

But I digress... 

My point is that my mom is a big, huge, wonderful dork, and I miss her freaking face off.  Thankfully, I get to visit her face (and Annie's - and the rest of their bodies, hopefully) when B. and Estie and I leave next Friday to visit Florida/Georgia for a week.  Yay!  I'm beyond excited.  Til then, I'll just have to rely on dorkball texts from my Mama to satisfy my geek needs.

If you understand what's funny about this, I'm sorry... 
but you're a dork. 

Just like us.


  1. Perfect.Thanks for the grins.

  2. From your dorky mom: You misspelled "separate", and shouldn't "til" in your last paragraph include an apostrophe? I'm just sayin'...