Sunday, June 3, 2012

so long for the summer, annie boo

Well... we knew it was coming, but it still seemed to sneak up on us.  Today was the day we put Annie on a plane to visit her dad/stepmom/other baby sister for the summer in Georgia.  It's always bittersweet.  We're super excited for her - she gets to spend time with her family, play with old friends and do super fun stuff like ride quads and camp out lakeside.  But of course it's not easy saying goodbye for a few months, especially now that Miss Estie is in the picture.  But thus is our yearly cycle.  And it's healthy, I think, in a way.  Most parents don't ever experience really missing their kids for long periods of time when they're this age.  It's kind of revitalizing in a way.  To miss her more and more every day and then finally get to see her at the end of the summer - it rejuvenates us all.  And I know her dad and stepmom experience the same thing.  It's like a big, modern circle of love, man... ain't that what it's all about?

Leaving for the airport

My little jet-setter, with her earphones

You can see Estie's blanket peeking out of her backpack!
She wanted to take it to snuggle with :(

Huge, bright rainbow on the drive home.
It was actually a "double rainbow," but the second one is super faint,
over to the left.

Sigh.  Time to go drown my sorrows in the hubs and a cupcake.

Oh! I almost forgot today's June Photo-a-Day:

3. On My Plate

Super cute and yummy baby bell peppers
that B.'s mom brought me today from the farmers' market. 

I should probably have one of those instead of a cupcake... eh, fuck it.


  1. SMILE! You have made her the strong, brave, confident, witty, not-so-little girl she is! Not many kids/parents could cope with the separation! Keep rockin our socks off!

    1. SMILING NOW! :)

      Thanks, Ans... she is a pretty brave kid and I am very proud of that! Her sarcastic sense of humor, though, is my life's greatest accomplishment!

      -Mom of the Year