Saturday, June 2, 2012


Well hello, Saturday. So the June Photo-a-Day challenge I posted has developed kind of a following among my friends on Ze Book of Faces.  There are ten or so of us weirdos playing along now - see yesterday's post for the list so you can be a weirdo with us!

Today's theme, "empty," happened to coincide with my urge to bake cupcakes.  Conveniently.

Actually, pretty much every day coincides with my urge to bake cupcakes. It's kind of a problem. Usually, though, I don't actually act on this urge;  I just find some other awful confection to satisfy my sugar monster. But today, I found myself WANTING to bake the damn things.   This unnerving spike in my estrogen levels is becoming something of a trend lately, and to be honest I am not okay with it.  And neither are my skinny jeans.  This is how sick it's gotten:  I didn't have frosting at my house today, so I MADE MY OWN.  Vanilla buttercream bitches, and it was DELICIOUS.  Stop it!  As my sassy southern belles would say, I need to have a talk with myself.   

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