Monday, June 4, 2012

june p-a-d #4

4. Close-up

This is my left eyeball. 
Like my right one, it is green. 
Unlike my right one, it also has a weird, rust-colored speck in it.

I call it my birthmark, but really it's just the way the iris turned out in this eye.  I've met other people with similar spots, but it's pretty rare.  A friend once charmingly expressed that it seems as though someone threw shit at me through a screen door.  I mean, I guess I could see that... I guess.

I should probaby have saved this pic for #18, "something we don't know about you," since people I've known my entire life still stop midsentence to say Whoa, did you know you have a red spot in your eye?!  A)Thanks for noticing - what part of my face have you been looking at during every other conversation we've ever had?  B) Nope, never seen it.

PS: The four eyes (haha, four eyes!) were all the same scene - I was standing in the doorway of my house, facing the sun - just put through different filters in Camera+ on my iPhone.  I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I used all four =)  If you have an iPhone, you need the Camera+ app.  It's like Instagram on crack, and as we all know, everything's better on crack.  Sorry, Whitney.

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