Monday, June 18, 2012

something(s) you don't know about me

If you're just tuning in to my little station over here (welcome friend!), I am in the midst of a June daily photo challenge.  It's been fun so far, though I'll admit some days are more tedious than others.  Like today's assignment for instance, "something we don't know about you."  See, my strict policy of shameless oversharing has made it difficult for me to think of anything people DON'T already know about me, that is ALSO something appropriate to photograph.  Like, the fact that I blow dry my hair naked after I shower, for example, would not be something to share with the world in photograph form (yuck!).  But also, I'm married, so someone lives with me... every day.  I cannot think of a single thing my husband does not know about me, save for maybe some specific details of events in my past which we both agree should remain a mystery, as in any marriage I'm sure!  But after some deep thinking - which kind of hurts and frankly I don't have time for - I settled on the thing I figured the FEWEST possible people know about me:

This is Bunny. 

Bunny was given to me when I was born, which makes him 26 1/2 years old in human years, and dead in rabbit years.  So he's basically a walking miracle.  He looks pretty good, too, considering his age, save for some unfortunate cataracts on his plastic eyeballs and the tip of his little pink nose being worn off, both unfortunate side-effects of countless tumbles in the washing machine over the years.  I slept with Bunny (not in the Biblical sense, of course) until my first daughter was old enough for me to explain to her how special he is and pass him on to her.  She has slept with him ever since, except during the summer when she visits her dad in Georgia.  I don't let Bunny travel for fear of losing him in transit - I would die!  And on nights that Annie is gone AND the hubs is away on business, I go get Bunny from Annie's bed and bring him into mine to keep me company.  We stay up for hours giggling and talking about when we were kids.  Ah, memories.

Some other things very few people know about me:

- I was bilingual as a toddler, thanks to a Cuban nanny who spoke only Spanish to me.  Devastatingly, I remember NONE of it.

- I wear a retainer to bed every night.

- I eat eggs in some form every single day.

- I've been all over Europe.  Briefly.

- I name my cars. 

- I am claustrophobic, scared to climb ladders, and highly nervous in elevators.  I also cannot kill cockroaches.  Something about the crunch...

- I could eat coconut cake every single day and not get sick of it. 

- I am addicted to the history section on Pinterest.  Google "Victorian hidden mothers" - trust me.

There might be a few more things, but I should probably stop myself before I have literally no mystery left in my life whatsoever.  Gotta maintain my aura, keep my public guessing.  What's she really like?  What will she do next?   You understand.  G'night, BFF's.




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  1. OMG - Bunny! He looks great - obviously taking care of himself! I hope Honey Joe sees this!