Tuesday, June 5, 2012

leila meets a REAL writer!

(And June's Photo-a-Day #5: SIGN)

So, it's pretty insane how today's photo op just sort of fell right into my lap.  You could even call it serendipitous, if you say things like that (which I do).  Here's what happened:

By chance, I met a sweet little old couple today.  Mid-seventies probably.  Have I mentioned before that I love old people?  They're just so damn cute.  Especially old men, so long as they're not the kind of crusty curmudgeon that uses his advanced age as a free pass to stare at my boobs like a creeper.  Anyway, back to today's old people:  The husband asks me if I enjoy poetry.  You look like a writer, he says.  (Crazy, right?  And maybe he says this to everyone he meets, but still.)  I tell him I love poetry.  He asks if he can give me a gift - a book of his poems.  How cute, I think.  Of course he can.  I'd be honored.  So he goes out to his car and comes back with this:

Hmm, actually looks pretty legit.  And as he's SIGN-ing it for me (my #5! And I didn't even ask, I swear!) his wife discreetly tells me that her husband was the 2010 Poet Laureate of the state of Colorado.  Say what?!  Holy crap!  This dude's for real, and he's just giving me one of his books!  So I very humbly thank him for the gift, saying I can't wait to start reading it.  He tells me that sometimes he meets people he feels would appreciate his writing, and I seemed like one of them.  Now I really am honored!

Tom told me his hand shakes a bit from medication,
but it only affects his handwriting - not his writing. So cute!

As it turns out, he had me pegged.  I can't put the book down - it is so, so lovely.  His words are simple and honest and beautiful, and as I thumb through the book I find myself tearing up every few pages.  The poems about his wife are the most touching.  This is one of my favorites:


Are you etching makeup
Outlining emerald eyes
Pulling sleek fabric over skin
Skin that clothes my soul
Leaves me trembling
And your heart
Lovely center of your sanctuary
Does it beat in hurried rhythm
Rise and fall like a dove's breast
Be easy with yourself
Now is all you have
You are beautiful as
You will ever be - now 
You stun me
Paint life with pastels
God sent you to my vase
Your flower beautifies my soil
I hold your wonder
On the in breath
On the out breath

Sigh!  I don't know when this particular one was written - maybe fifty years ago, maybe two - but it was obvious to me today that this passion and tenderness still burns brightly in both of them.  I honestly believe that B. and I will still be this bat-shit crazy about each other when we're old and gray... I just hope I can write something as lovely as Tom's poems along way.

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  1. That poem gave me chills!
    signed....calico cat (one of your many)