Thursday, March 15, 2012


"It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us family." 

--Whoever originally said that

It is so good to have my sisterfriend here.  We spent the morning in PJ's with the kids, bouncing around on the fold-out couch, watching cartoons, playing twister, making googly faces at the baby, etc.  We took a walk to the park and jumped off swings.  We came home and ate leftover pizza for lunch - hair of the dog for the pizza hangover I'm still nursing from last night.  Now we're camped on the couch feeding Estie a bottle and plotting the rest of our afternoon's activities.  A scenic drive?  Bike rides?  Staring at the baby while the kiddos watch a movie?  The world is our oyster.  I'm just so happy to have my favorite pearl with me.

OHHH!  Shellfish pun.  Sorry.  My judgement is clouded by happiness and pizza.   

PS - tonight is girls' night out!  Like, without kids!  It'll be my first one of those in like... (what's today's date?)... a year and a half.  We're gonna get all hookered up and stay out til, like, 10:30 pm probably!  Stay tuned for deets!

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