Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i got nothin'

Inspiration is a funny thing.  Sometimes it comes out of nowhere – but you can never force it.  I was reminded of that today.  I sort of stressed off and on all afternoon over what to write about this evening.  I have all these little seedlings of ideas that just need some love and attention to grow into big pretty blog flowers, but to be honest I just wasn’t feeling any of them today.  And the more I tried, the less it worked.  I realized I wasn't getting anywhere by stressing it, so I just let it go and figured inspiration would come at some point during the evening and then I could do my writing when the girls were in bed.  Fast forward through five hours of juggling two kids, one of whom is a real person - an almost nine year-old who needs intellectual interaction, parental instruction, and dinner - and another that is basically a drooling blob who needs everything and is prone to screaming jags during dinnertime.  It was a less-than-conducive environment creativity-wise, to say the least.  Then the hubs, who has been working til past eleven several nights a week lately, bless his heart, responds to my “I miss you” text by saying that we need some “us” time tonight when he gets home – as opposed to working on separate laptops until way past when we should go to bed, like we have been recently.  At first I think, OMG, that sounds so amazing! followed by, OMG, when am I going to work on my blog?  and finally, OMG, what am I thinking, quality time with my husband is like a million times more important. DUH!  And so, when I least expected it, there was the inspiration I'd been searching for: I was inspired to tell you guys that I’ve got nothin’ tonight, and that’s just gonna have to do.  There are other gardens that need tending to.  I know you understand.  Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to not be doing this anymore.  G'night!

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