Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the next two weeks

Hello, dears.  Today is my last day of relative normalcy before a crazy two weeks coming up.  The insanity starts tomorrow with my bestest friend of, like, 25 years - my sister, really - Leah, coming to visit from Georgia.  She and her five year-old son, my love, Randy, will be staying with us for four days.  I am BEYOND excited.  With the exception of my wedding in 2010, I've never had any friends come out and visit us in Colorado. So yeah, I can't wait.  Ack!  I'm gonna eat her face.  Then on Sunday when they leave, Estie and I are flying back with them to visit my Mama in Florida for a week (more on this later).  My mom lives about half an hour from Leah and various other people I grew up with - they straddle the Georgia/Florida line on the east coast.  I'll get to see a bunch of very wonderful and important folks while I'm home, and introduce them to Estie, and show Estie the ocean, etc... but I am bummed not to have the hubs and Annie out there with me.  Again, I'll explain the weird travel plans later - it deserves its own post.  Basically, though, my point is: the next two weeks may provide both excellent material and also zero time for blogging - we'll just have to see!  Either way, you'll hear from me.  Every day - as promised.

Aaaaand fast forward like eight hours between these two paragraphs (because it has been), and Estie was a psychotic, colicky disaster all night and then the hubs brought an old friend home to visit (for an awesome, magically disappearing two hours)... and wow, it's 12:30 AM.  Also known as "time for effing bed."


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