Friday, March 2, 2012


Hello, my wonderful friends.  I want to thank you sincerely for reading this silly little blog.  It honestly means so much to me to put myself out there and receive the encouraging response that I have while "developing my voice." This post-a-day project has made me realize how much time and effort and love is put into all the wonderful independent sites I geek out over.  Just writing for this mostly-default-settings blog has the potential to take up huge chunks of my day - I cannot even imagine what goes into the blogs I follow, with their impressive layouts, stunning photos and fancy html tricks.  It must be a full-time job.  It's really hard for me to make a public proclamation like this, as it exposes my inner self and makes me vulnerable (I hate that!), but my dream is to make a living blogging one day.  Not because it's easy - it's not, especially on a professional level - but it's the perfect job in my opinion.  Flexible, fun, and I'd be working for a great boss (me!).  Plus, unlike copywriting, blogging is from me, in my own special little voice.  It would take some serious dedication - I have a lot to learn and a lot of talent to catch up to - but who knows.  If I just keep writing and writing and writing... and learn a ton of html... maybe one day I can be as cool as these enviably fabulous blogging biotches:   

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