Saturday, March 31, 2012

let the games begin

So I'm not sure how it's even possible, but my blog views reached 2,500 today!  Apparently there is a modest fistful of people who actually think my little rants are worth reading.  Whoever you sickos are, THANK YOU!  I love you guys and I appreciate all the encouraging feedback I've gotten during this first month of my post-a-day project.  It is truly my greatest honor to amuse you with my oversharing. 

To celebrate this silly little milestone, I am getting today's post done early so I can spend the whole day and night not worrying about it!  We're going to go find Annie a bathing suit (God help me, and any other mother of a fluffy adolescent girl during swimsuit-buying season), go for ice cream, buy Mama an iphone (see last night's post about my broken-down robot), and let Annie have a friend sleep over so the hubs and I can have a brewski and knock out about three hours of accumulated DVR awesomeness.  "It's gonna be a pretty nice little Saturday."  <--- $5.00 in hug coupons to anyone who can name the movie.  

I realize this is kind of a lame deal for you guys, so I'll tell you what:  when my views reach 5,000 I will churn out the most amazingepicawesome piece of blog pie ever written.  That's a promise!  I'll probably hate myself for it when the time comes, but there it is.  Oooh!  Idea!  YOU GUYS can even choose the topic!  How's THAT for reader appreciation!  So put on your thinkin' caps kiddos - I'll give ya two weeks to come up with something.  The most awesomely awful idea wins.  GO!




    To easy keep your coupons...haha....

    1. Ding ding ding! Winner! Oh come on, you know you want a hug.

  2. Leila, u are the cutest and funniest mommy ever!! Keep it up girl. Kims coming over to see her grandbabies tomorrow and im going to share your funny stories with her :)

  3. Aw, thanks Joanna! I hope you and Kimmie have a nice girly giggle fest! Thanks for reading!