Thursday, March 8, 2012

the day before friday

Thanks for understanding about my date last night.  It went GREAT.  Today followed suit by being pretty awesome itself.  Here are five reasons why:
1.   Annie was already awake and watching Fresh Prince reruns when I shuffled into her room this morning, so I didn’t have to awkwardly hunch my upper body into the bottom bunk of her bed to wake her up for school.  This was especially nice because Estie, who was in my arms, was about as happy to be awake as I was (so not at all), and Annie is not terribly fond of being woken up by Zombie Mom and her sidekick, Screaming Sister.
2.   Today was Annie’s last day of school before her Spring break, and it’s during this break that my BFFAEAE (that’s Best Friend Forever And Ever And Ever, for those of you who don’t have an eight year old daughter, duh) comes to visit from Georgia. (More on Leah later.)  She doesn’t get here for five more days, but still.  The sequence has begun.
3.   Today was a Thursday, and Thursdays are my only overlapping day off with my Colorado BFF Lauren.  (This title merely refers to the state in which we met – not the only state in which we are friends.)  She brought lunch to my house and we had some much-needed girl time.  Lots of gossip and giggling and whatnot.  Good times.  It’s sort of a running joke that Estie always either cries or vomits when Lauren is holding her (this is always pure coincidence, but it was starting to hurt poor Lo's feelings I think!) but today Estie was a happy, giggling little ball of love and wonderment for hours on end.  And she rolled over three times, which was a new record for her, and Lauren got to see the whole thing.  Score! 
4.   Thursdays are also dance day.  My awesome sis-in-law Lindsay (I mention her by name because I’m realizing only know women with “L” names, and this is funny) teaches a dance class once a week, and I take Annie and her best friend Olivia.  We always stop for dinner en route, and the backseat is boisterous and loud and messy and generally full of girly nonsense and Justin Beiber references.  Our Thursday ritual is special because it’s the only time Annie and Olivia really get to see eachother (they used to be neighbors and schoolmates before we moved across town), and also because we have this great extended family of women at the dance studio who sit and cluck like hens and laugh and fawn over the baby.  More on these things later.  Thursday nights are just very girly and fun.   
5.   On the way home from dance, the hubs texts me to let me know his wonderful mama wants to take Annie with her in the morning when she goes to swim aerobics – a treat Annie gets to enjoy sometimes when she has days off school.  So, after taking Olivia home, I also got to drop off a very happy Annie at the in-laws', and now the hubs and I get to watch the grownup tv shows we’ve been stockpiling on the DVR all week.  Estie is sleepy and happy, the hubs is as fun as he is handsome, and life, today and every day, is so, so sweet. 

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