Monday, March 19, 2012

hello again, and sorry

So... anyone who's paying attention has probably noticed I skipped two days of blogging.  I'm sorry :(  I feel pretty crappy about it considering I promised myself (and you!) that I'd write every day.  But I've decided not to beat myself up too much - I had company in town, was packing to travel with an infant, prepping my hubby and mostly my older daughter to make it a week without me (and not kill eachother), and almost starting to deal with the reason I was coming home for a week (deets tomorrow).  I did go into my blog today and publish the draft I'd started while Leah was visiting (our girls' night out was actually two days ago!), and then I figured maybe posting twice today would be penance for my sins.  If not, I will begin merciless flagellance.  (Not to be confused with merciless flatulence, which would really only punish my housemates.)  

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