Monday, April 9, 2012

zombie jesus day

So here are some snapshots of our Easter Sunday, as promised.  The hubs downloaded some photo editing software recently, and I used it for the first time on these pics.  The results are kind of... meh.  What's less experienced than a novice - a pre-beginner?  A photo-moron?  Whatever it is, that's me.  So bear with my while I learn, and feel free to laugh at and/or point out my mistakes.  In fact, any and all advice would be welcomed.  Please note, however, that the hubs TOOK these pics (except the ones he's in, duh).  I just messed with the files.  So I only take credit/blame for half the work.  You can totally hate on both of us, though.  We're kinda masochistic like that.   
Estie and Aunt Lindsay

Miss Annie

Annie with Grandma and cousin Miles

A proud grandma and Grandpa with the kiddos

Mr. Miles

Three gens of Baldwin ladies


Me with my pretty seester-in-law, Lindsay

My girls

Estie with Daddy and Grandma

Tickle fest

My curly girl


I love my little family.

PS - My friend Rachael (Hi, Rae!) commended me today for finally recognizing that Easter is in fact NOT Jesus's birthday. She suggested I refer to it as Zombie Jesus Day to help me remember from now on.   Don't mind if I do!

Hope your Easter ZOMBIE JESUS DAY was as blessed as ours!

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