Monday, April 16, 2012

lonesome lonely lonerface

Hello my dear, sweet... sexy? readers.  What are you wearing?  Kidding.  But seriously.

So... once again I have proved to be a terrible manager of my own free time.  The hubs is out of town on business for a few days and I am just kind of lost without him.  I have about a trillion things to do while he's gone - like feeding the kids and keeping the house at least a few pegs above "condemned" - but instead I just kind of wander aimlessly from room to room trying to remember what I was doing.  Admittedly, the girls have kept me really busy.  Two is a handful when you're solo.  But they're both asleep right now and what have I been doing?  Honestly I couldn't tell you.  Nothing productive.  And now it's time for Estie to rouse for her late-night bottle of Kettle One, so I've wasted the usable portion of yet another evening.  Sigh.

Maybe I can unload the dishwasher really fast before she wakes up.  That'll make a huge dent in my list!  And surely I'll forget all about my missing husband when I see how clean those forks and knives are!  I can hardly wait!

And there goes Estie.

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