Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Sooo... I almost completely forgot to blog at all yesterday.  Probably because I was sick, Estie was sick, and my dumb ass also let a perfectly healthy Annie stay home from school so that I could sleep through the morning instead of being a good mom.  Before you speed-dial DEFACS, it was, I think, the second day of school she has missed all year.  And believe me, I paid my karmic debt - her energy level was inversely proportionate to mine, which made for a VERY long day.  

Anyway, I finally remembered my daily post as I was climbing into bed, so I blogged a little sumthin' sumthin' on my iPhone - not the best tool for writing paragraphs, I have learned - but apparently it did not actually go live when I hit "publish."  Lesson learned.  Sorry about that, guys.  It was a really lame post anyway.  I realize today's is not much better, but I know you'll cut me some slack.  We've been sick.  The good news is I feel much better today, and Estie finally sounds like she can actually breathe, instead of just pushing and pulling snot up and down her nasal passages.  Bless her heart.  As satisfying as they are to use, those nose-sucker nasal aspirator thingies only do so much, ya know?  And it's awful to hear your baby struggle to breathe through her nose, because A) it makes pacifiers almost useless, since she needs her mouth to breathe, and B) it's is pretty much the most frustrating thing on earth to know that if she could just BLOW her nose like a regular human being, everything would be 100% better.  But c'est la vie.  She's pretty useless.  I'm just glad she's improving and we're kind of getting back to normal around here.  I'll do better for you tomorrow, friends.  Til then!

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