Thursday, April 26, 2012

screw the honor roll, my kid's on tv

My baby's famous!  Well, sort of. 

Annie got picked along with five other kids at her school to be in a small-potatoes production for a local TV station.  It's an unscripted educational program featuring a very nice old man who looks like Bill Nye the Science Guy's dad if he'd gone to Woodstock.  They do experiments with the kids and encourage lots of questions and suggestions.  Well!  Talking is Annie's most special gift.  She ate up every second of her fifteen minutes of fame - honestly I was just hoping she'd let the scientist guy get a word in edgewise during filming!  But she actually did a great job.  The production crew said she's a natural!  I'm so proud.  The show's called Little Shop of Physics, and Annie keeps correcting me when I call it Little Shop of Horrors, since she's too young to know what that is. 


I also took some video of the TV monitors while they were filming, but my iPhone doesn't seem to want to chat with my Youtube account this evening - meaning it won't work and I don't know why the hell not.  I'll see if someone techy can help me.  Til then, dear viewers! 

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  1. Go Annie, it's your birfday, go Annie, it's your birfday! Get it girl. Can she sign my, ummm.....periodic table of elements? haha :)