Wednesday, April 25, 2012

anxiety attack

Stress.  We all experience it from time to time.  I think I handle it really well. 

Except when it's me who's stressed.  Then I just flip the fuck out.

I like to blame my carefree, easy-going childhood for ill-preparing me to deal with the pressures of adult life.  But really I'm just a big weinee.  I get overwhelmed easily.  Plus I've had a really blessed life, so my concept of stress is skewed way out of whack.  I mean aside from my dad dying when I was 14 and then having a baby three years later, my life's been pretty chill.  Okay, those events were a little intense.  But nowdays my life is great.  There is nothing going on in my world right now that is seriously upsetting.  My stress triggers are suburban things like planning birthday parties, doing housework with a baby attached to me, preparing dinner without poisoning my loved ones, and deciding what to wear when I go out in public.  These are not real problems.  Earthquake victims - those people have problems.  Bank hostages, world leaders, bomb diffusers, the Octomom.  They are all under legitimate duress.  Also cokeheads, because that shit just makes everyone freak out.  But me?  I'm a part-time working mom with a totally devoted spouse and a team of caring in-laws helping me every day.  Compared to most other adults, my life is a cakewalk.  But everything's relative - so since I've never been through the things that, say, a Rwandan diamond miner has been through, my stressers are understandably measly in comparison.  I mean, re-structuring an outdoor birthday bash on account of rain is tough... but at least I still have both my arms.

Ooh, too much?  Yeah... I'll save you a seat in hell.

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