Sunday, August 5, 2012

weekend warrior

I just love that term.  It's so like, "GRRR, prepare to be dominated, days that start with S!” defines a weekend warrior as someone who has a job or other responsibilities during the week, and makes up for it by being completely irresponsible all weekend.   I guess that makes sense (though I usually just call that "being single"), but I personally feel the term weekend warrior is better suited to mommies.  See, we don't really get weekends off - so the phrase is far more literal for us.  Instead of, say, partying til dawn, for us it's more like, "Watch me clean the bathroom and do seven loads of laundry and run a crap-ton of errands, WITH a baby on my hip, cause I am awesome, I am woman, hear me roar."  Or, if you're like me, "Watch me only get like five of those things done and then still not be able to cook dinner at the end of the day because I forgot to go to the grocery store, holy shit I’m tired."  Either way, I think mommies are much more warlike than people who get to do whatever the hell they want two days a week (not that I'm not totally jelly).   Fending off a teething zombie baby from gnawing on your ankle while you're washing dishes- now that's a battle. 
I think we mamas totally OWN the weekend warrior tag, and I'm officially taking possession of it.   I am gonna look so fierce folding these hand towels with war paint on...

*     *     *     *     *
Now, because I promised more pics on the weekends,
even if all we did was run errands:

This is what warriors look like!
(Dig my new favorite mani color - Mint Sprint from Sally Hansen!)
Speaking of Sally Hansen, THIS is what it removing  my last mani looked like!
Those nail polish strips are no joke! 
(This removal method did work - click here for a tutorial.)
I must say, this was kind of a pain in the butt,
but those strips score a big fat TEN for durability!
They still looked perfect after several days - I was just ready for a different look.

Errands can be so exhausting.
(Looks like E. was only awake for Auntie Lo's birthday this weekend!)
I saw this in the mall parking lot and decided that
I wanna be THIS guy when I grow up.

Bring on the work week!

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