Friday, August 3, 2012

baby date

Yesterday Estie had her first play date without Mommy and Daddy!  She spent the afternoon with her BFF, baby Elliot.

Technically Elliot is still inside Auntie Lo's belly...
but she and Estie are already attached at the hip.

Apparently the play date went well (or Lauren was sweet enough to lie to me), and our little redheaded ham was a total dreamboat.  I tried not to text Lauren 27 times while I was out.  It wasn't that I was worried about her competence or Estie's safety, or even that I just missed my precious baby that much (though I did, of course).  No, I was more concerned that in the absence of both her parents, Estie's fiery ginger temper would spiral out of control, and in a fit of teething rage she would turn into a tiny, belligerent-drunk Irishman, just yelling and running into things and trashing Lauren's house, prompting Lauren and her husband to rethink their decision to reproduce. 

But apparently my fears were unfounded, because when I got there to pick her up, Estie was still the bouncy, happy chunk we'd dropped off earlier, and Auntie Lo had not thrown herself down a flight of stairs.  Success!  Now to just get baby Elliot to come out and play...

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