Saturday, August 4, 2012

babies and blondies and a birthday, oh my!

One of my very bestest friends celebrated her, ahem, 2nd annual 29th birthday yesterday (wink, wink).  And by "celebrate," I mean she totally denied it was even happening.  Thankfully we work together, so I was able to remind her every few hours of how freaking decrepit she really is.  I think she appreciated it.  My friend, who shall remain nameless, is due to have a baby in October, which I think is all the more reason to celebrate.  So tonight a few of us bombarded Lauren my friend at her home, to remind her of how wonderful she is and how much we love her, despite the fact that she is basically almost dead.  It's always fun to obnoxiously celebrate an event that your loved one is trying to pretend did not happen. 

Unless it's like a funeral or something.  I'm not a total monster.

The birthday girl, complete with baby bump and spare baby.
Birthday serenade?
Crazy-delicious blondies I made for the party,
which disappeared in about a minute and I have decided are my new specialty.
(Click here for the recipe, from the adorable Coury Combs over at Fancy Treehouse.)

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