Friday, August 10, 2012

happy friday!

Kicking off a big weekend here in LeilaLand (the second greatest place on Earth).  A big week, actually...

So tonight is the pre-party for the hubs's ten year high school reunion.  He wants to me to wear "fierce heels," and I will oblige, since A) he's pretty much the best husband ever, fer rill, and B) I'm pretty sure I'm his redemption after some rather awkward, late-blossoming teenage years.  "Look, guys - she's fairly cute!  And we have sex!"

Tomorrow afternoon I'm headed to Denver (what, what!) for day-to-night bachelorette festivities for a wonderful, beautiful girlyfran of ours.  I'm super excited, but increasingly nervous - the whole thing is shaping up to be something for the books.  The guest list is rather large at SEVENTEEN, so we will be rolling deeper than freaking Adelle, and the ladies in attendence look like people who know how to have an incredibly good time.  (They're also some of the most adorable bitches I have ever stalked on Facebook - I'm sudddenly feeling mommish and old and... married).  The events kick off with a brewery tour (so fun!) and segue into a lingerie party, and then dinner, and then horrible, drunken debauchery after that, possibly involving strippers.  Okay, definitely involving strippers.  Thankfully, I did manage to find a pretty killer frock for the evening, and I've been wearing five inch heels to work all week to break my feet in.  My liver, on the other hand... wish me luck.

Things just keep poppin' after that, with Annie coming home Tuesday, above friend's bridal shower that same evening, her wedding next weekend, and then, oh, the giant baby shower I'm planning for another friend (you remember preggo Lo?).  I'm sorry I've been so busy/distracted lately, but it's really for some pretty legit reasons.  Things WILL slow down eventually, and until then I PROMISE funny stories and incriminating photos from my adventures.  Promise. 

See you soon, bitches.  (I'm practicing my young, hip chick speak.  No?  Don't do that?  Okay.)

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