Monday, May 28, 2012

What a weekend!  Not really.  I mean it was nice but pretty laid-back.  Some highlights:

Bowled a 37.  Didn't even know that was possible.

Let Annie and her friend dunk their heads in buckets of water to cool off on our front porch, while our neighbors looked on quizzically.

Went to Hooters.  Don't ask. 

Busted the myth that men go there for the wings - they suck.  The boobs were good though.

Got to see my bestie twice in three days, which is twice as much as we usually see eachother in a month.

Took the girls to the pool on a day that kept getting cloudier and windier, til Annie's lips turned blue and I made her get out.

Held a bearded dragon.  (That sounds like a bachelor party dare.)  It's name was Norman, and it was a girl.

Soaked up some Memorial Day rays on my back porch while Estie chilled in her bouncer.  Viva la three-day weekend!

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