Wednesday, May 23, 2012

on the move

Three cheers for baby!  After weeks of scooching around like a pudgy pink inch worm, Estie has finally mastered real crawling!  We are so proud.  And to reward her for all of her hard work, we took her to get shots.  Awww!  Seriously though, her immunizations happened to already be scheduled for today, so... yeah.  But I think she must have still been on an adrenaline high from the crawling accomplishment, because she was SUCH a trouper for her shots.  She only let out a little yelp for the second of three shots; I gave her a pacifier and she was fine, bless her brave little heart.  She did, however, scream like a banshee when B. removed one of the three band aids the doc had stuck to her thigh fat.  We both felt like crap after that and decided the other two would just have to stay where they were until they fell off on their own.  Hey, I never said WE were brave. 

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