Saturday, May 26, 2012

bowled over (and dinner)

Did you watch Unlce Buck like I told you to?  Good.  Now mentally rewind to the scene where little Miles and Mazie are telling their bitchy older sister that Uncle Buck is taking them bowling at a place that has rent-a-shoes, and the older sister goes, “Yeah, and rent-a-foot disease.”  Awesome.

Relevance:  last night we took Annie and her friend on a dinner and bowling date as kind of a going-away thing for Annie, since she leaves next weekend to spend the summer with her dad (it's a yearly thing).  While we didn't pick up any fungal infections (so far), we did have a pretty comical time.  Sadly, my iPhone was being weird with the lighting in the bowling alley...

What form!  What grace!  Pretty sure that ball went in the gutter though.

Spoiler alert: I did not get that spare.

Look at my score!  Pro status, don't hate.

Wee-ee are yuh-ooung
So let's set the world on fi-ire
We can burn bri-ighter
Than the suuuh-oo-uh-oo-uh-uhn

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