Wednesday, February 29, 2012

quite the spectacle

My daughter likes to describe people by the shape of their head.  Like, “You know Levi – brown hair, circle head?”  I know she means face shape, but I don’t correct her because I think it’s really funny.  I happen to have what she calls an oval head.  I’m okay with this (better than a triangle, right?).  The oval is supposed to be the easiest shape to work with in terms of hairstyles, eyeglasses, etc.  But I threw a wrench in that system when I got bangs last month.  I like the new 'do but it changed the whole shape of my face.  Now it’s like… a press-on nail shape.  Flat across the top and oval at the bottom.  The problem with this is that none of my glasses look good on me anymore.  This wouldn't be too big a deal - I wear contacts most of the time anyway - except that my “day job” is working part-time at my brother-in-law’s optometry practice, and it’s kind of important to model the goods.   Plus I happen to love accessorizing with a fabulous frame, and with access to several really fantastic eyewear lines, I’m pretty much always looking for an excuse to “need” a new pair.  I’ve had my eye on several potentials for a while now, but the big round plastic nerdies and the oversized seventies-esque pairs I’ve been salivating over just aren’t going to work for me anymore.  I’m thinking I need something in a cat eye this time - something not too heavy so as not to block out the remaining Lee Press-On peaking out from under this fringe.  Here are some I think are worth a look-see.  I admit, some of them are no longer for me now that I look like a walking nail salon sample stick, but they're just so rad I had to share:
Lafont Celemine in Purple 722

Barton Perreira Treva in Cosmic Pearl

Oliver Goldsmith Corbin in Cassis

Marius Morel 1880 2021M in BM022

Barton perreira Bronski in Champagne

Oliver Goldsmith Irwin in Cotton Candy

Lafont Greta in Pink

Oliver Goldsmith Watson  

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