Tuesday, October 16, 2012

walk, walk it out

So did I mention that Estie learned to walk over the weekend?  That's right people, WALK.  On her FEET.  Moving forward, like a real person who matters and does stuff.  It's pretty cool. 
Oh, you're in trouble now! say other moms.  She'll be into everything!
Yeah, well.  This little ginger gets into just about everything already, crawling and climbing and moving along furniture to reach things that look important and fun to break.  So really, what's the dif at this point.  Plus, she gets so stinkin' frustrated when she can't run around with the big kids in the yard/ at dance class/ on the playground, etc.  So the convenience of her finally being able to do all that stuff (and me not having to restrain her from crawling places she shouldn't, which results in one pissed-of little Dorito head) far outweighs the power trip she'll likely be on for the next few weeks.  Besides, she's entitled to a little swag in her step.  She learned to walk upright, for God's sake.  What have YOU learned lately?
my shining star was not really in the mood to perform today.

some of Honey Boo Boo's Go Juice in her bottle, perhaps?

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