Sunday, October 14, 2012

a bestie for estie!!!

After making me wait for like TEN MONTHS, my very dear friend Lauren finally had a beautiful baby girl for me to play with!

Miss Elliot Grace
Photo by Elliot's daddy, Robby
A natural-born shot-caller, Elliot stubbornly refused to come out on the day her mom's water broke, choosing instead to wait for a C section at 2:30 AM the NEXT day, on her predicted due date. As Lauren's cousin put it, "she knew her rent wasn't up yet."   Baby Elliot was maxing out her lease on Lauren's uterus, like the savvy little boss she's clearly meant to be.  She and Estie are going to be quite the team, as soon as Elliot learns to hold her head up. 
Friend!  Friend! 
Let me get on top of her!

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