Sunday, July 29, 2012

is this racist?

So this morning Estie and I took B's big manly pickup truck to go help some friends move out of their apartment.  Well, Estie and I were of no help at all - the truck was what they needed (Benny was at work).  Estie and I just played with the little man of the house, Sir, while the big boys moved couches and bureaus down the stairs.  I think some sparks flew today... 

Anyway, halfway into the morning Estie started to get that hateful, threatening look in her eyes that sleepy babies get right before an epic meltdown.  It was time for a nap, or else.  So I had Sir's dad, Joey, take us home en route to the storage facility.  Joey is [very] black, which has absolutely no relevance at all, except in this story.  Since the boys had been in the middle of a haul, the bed of the truck was really full.  About a mile from home we felt a sway and plop, there go a mattress and box springs onto the side of the road.  Here is the point of all this:  If you are a small white girl and you ever get the chance to help a large black man retrieve a mattress and box springs off the side of a busy street, I HIGHLY recommend that you do it.  The looks you get from passerby are freaking priceless.  Here I was in my Toms and hippie hair while Joey manhandled the mattress, lifting it over his head like a circus strongman as drivers and joggers openly stared, seemingly fraught with questions:  "Are those two... did they... and were those mattresses just laying there, and they're taking them home?  Or did they just rob a house?  Surely they stole that red-headed baby - that is not genetically possible... should we help?  No, definitely do not stop to help."  It was pretty great.  What was even better was when we pulled up outside my house and asked my neighbor for help re-tethering the bed of the truck.  I could tell the lad was wrestling with his conscience:  "Are they... is she... and in her husband's truck?!  With the baby?!"  Priceless.  I'm just waiting to see if the neighbor corners B. when he gets home tonight.  "Dude, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but while you were at work, your wife and baby were out with this strapping young African... with mattresses..."

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