Saturday, July 28, 2012

happy saturday!

What a gorgeous day it was here in sunny FoCo!  Hotter than two squirrels in a wool sock of course, but gorgeous nonetheless.  I'm usually really bad about taking pictures on the weekends, either because I'm super busy or because we do absolutely nothing (which is sometimes more fun!) and therefore there's nothing to photograph.  Today was somewhere in between - the hubs was at work, so Estie and I hung out at home for a while and then ran some errands.  Busy(ish) but nothing too exciting.  Still though, I made a point to capture a few moments for posterity:

We spend the morning tackling important questions,
like, "where is baby's belly button?"
(Spoiler alert: it's right where you think it is.)
Heading out to run errands with my little helper.
Sporting the cute sandals I unearthed in the basement
whilst gathering clothes to consign.
Do they make my feet look like butt cracks?

Pretty fruit at the farmer's market.
Breakfast for dinner - my fave!

Well, there it is - a day in the life.

Now it's time to cuddle up with the hubs, a nice cold Blue Moon, and Wilfred on DVR. 
No picures, please!

 See you Sunday!

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