Thursday, September 6, 2012

i just gotta dance

So excited.  After a four-month hiatus, my little family is going back to dance class tonight.  And by "dance," I mean clogging, which my sis-in-law teaches and I would LOVE to make fun of - but the truth is, it's crazy fun, family-friendly, and a fantastic workout.  Plus, I love the other ladies that dance with us.  So I shut up, strap my taps on and play along.  I'm awful - but it doesn't matter.  It's still fun.  And the hubs, who tries to hide the fact that he's been clogging since he was four and is AMAZING at it, is going to come dance with us!  Have you ever danced any kind of synchronized jig with your spouse?  I highly recommend the experience.  It's mortifying, and therefore bonds you for life.

We talked B. into performing at the last recital.
He looked like he was in a gay pride parade, which I found strangely attractive.


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