Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pinterest: teaching the estrogen-challenged to cook, one board at a time. 
Tonight's lesson:
 "Man pleasing" dijon chicken (their words, not mine)
We're on a mission to find healthy substitutes for our standard kid-and-husband- friendly fare around here, and these dishes fit the bill.  Quinoa is packed with fiber and protein, unlike, say, chicken-flavored Rice a Roni.  (I did substitute organic chicken broth for water to boil the quinoa, which added nutrition and a substantial amount of flavor.)
The verdict:  I'm not sure what man they cooked this chicken for, but it wasn't my husband.  He and Annie did not enjoy this dish.  The dijon sauce was too strong for their little unrefined palettes.  (Welcome to my life.)  I thought it was delicious.  But I agree the sauce is strong - it's definitely not fit for a meat-and-potatoes crowd.  "Man pleasing" my ass.
The quinoa, on the other hand, was a hit.  Well, sort of.  They ate it, which is better than I expected.  I'll definitely be using quinoa to replace white rice in some of our staple recipes.  In fact I made a bunch this time and I'm using the leftovers to make fried "rice" tonight.  We'll see if I can "please my man" this time.


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