Friday, November 2, 2012

a hairy subject

Well, it’s fall.  And apparently hurricane season, too.  (#frankenstorm!)  All this wackiness in the air has me in the mood for change.  Methinks it’s time for… 
Here's where I'm at: I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for the last, I dunno, three years or so.  It started when I moved to Colorado.  Before that, when I lived in Florida, my hair was very unhappy – I mean that state is like 97% humidity; you’re basically living in a soup can.  And my hair, which is somewhere between naturally wavy and chemically fucked, just cannot stand up to all that moisture.  My only defense was keeping it short. But when I moved to Colorado, a state as dry and square as a piece of toast, I discovered that (gasp!) my hair was not actually the dime store Halloween wig I thought it was.  It could actually behave; it could SUBMIT!  So I started to let it grow.  And it has grown, albeit very, very slowly.  And it was looking pretty good for a while.  Last year was a high point - a cherry cola red with blunt bangs.  But these days it’s looking a little… bleh.  It’s kind of damaged, kind of thin.  It just hangs here on my shoulders, all dull and sad.  Longish, but really rather pointless.  Honestly, I wear it up most days.  I’m definitely in a rut.  And what's the point of long hair if it looks like crap and you have to "fix" it every day anyway?  So I'm thinking...

And dare I maybe even...
 Like, with a pretty brown up top and my red at the ends? 
Heh?  Heh?  Whatcha think?

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